As you know, by the end of the year OSL Group will have continued its development with the construction of two new buildings. 98-367 By offering its subsidiaries OASS (Oil After Sales Services) and TMS (Turning Milling Services) better prospects for the future, OSL Group once again favours its core objective, respect your needs.

What better way to symbolise entry into this new era than to fly the group’s colours at the peak of the Canigou mountain, one of the highest peaks in the Pyrenees mountain range, during the annual uphill race known as “Trail du Canigou”.

The entire staff of OSL Group was keen to congratulate and thank Jacques ORTIZ, who participated in this race, for brandished the OSL flag at the finish line. ADM-211

Out of nearly 840 participants, Jacques finished in a very honourable 109th place with a time of 5h14min. For your information, the winner, Arnaud PERRIGNON, completed the race in 3h10min.

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