Our News and Events

OSL celebrates Happiness

OSL Group congratulates one of his member of the team on the celebration of his upcoming wedding. Thierry BARTHE, president of the Group attended the blessing ceremony and said “I am happy to have created more than a place to work in, and be able to spend quality...

Our Second New Building is Ready !

The construction of our second new unit is now over. Hurray !! we can now move in it ... Wait !! we first have to wait that Covid19 decides to calm down. As you may know Europe and pretty much the entire world is locked down to limit the impact of the novel...

New building blessing

The construction of our new unit is now over, it is time for the blessing. We want to thanks and send protection and love to everyone who labor there and those who share the fruit of that labor.

New machine !!

Avec le soutien de la région Occitanie, nous avons récemment investi dans une toute nouvelle machine ; le centre d'usinage IBARMIA ZVH 60 L3000 Extrême. Avec des caractéristiques techniques supérieures, cette machine nous permet une plus grande capacité et par...