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Mesure twice, cut once. It is a simple concept. However at OSL Group we take it very seriously. We take pride in respecting our customer’s needs. Our goal is to deliver quality parts within your time frame. We take in consideration the needs of each client and set a quality chart to guarantee success.

Attentivee of our customers’ needs and keen to assist their development and internal strategies, we have acquired and set up several companies. Our business structure has evolved over the years to adapt our services to current requirements.

respect of your needs

OSL Group is represented worldwide with more than 100 skilled employees who can provide full-service advice and can meet your needs.

two production units

To best meet your demands, we can provide you the same quality of production and service from our two production units located in France and Romania.

customer support

Our commercial team and machinists are ready to tackle your most specific projects. A new team has been created to assist all of our American customers without any time-difference

  • Customers relationship
  • CNC machining
  • manufacturing supports

Created more than 10 years ago & present in 3 locations

Born in the South of France in 2007, Oil Services Limited is a self-motivated company sharing the knowledge of its employees full of more than 30 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

In 2013, OSL Group opened a second production center in Romania in order to increase its production.

In 2018, we launched a new commercial office in Houston TX, USA.



Launched in 2013, the Romanian production unit is always moving. Capabilities are big and the quality of the production is managed by a motivated local team. New buildings are currently in progress and should open by the end of 2019.

Oil Services Limited

Oil Services Limited

Set up in 2007, the company is specialized in small quantity orders and/or high complexity designs. The design department centralizes responsibility for drawing translation, planning of technical resources and organizes the operation for the entire Group.

OSL Americas Inc

OSL Americas Inc

Launched in 2018 the American subsidiary is currently a commercial and marketing office. The office goal for the moment is to develop customer relationships and be present for our north and south American customers with quick response. The office will soon develop with the opening of a new production unit.


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