As a partner of the ASB “Avenir Sportif Béziers” (Sporting future of Béziers) football club, OSL Group is whole-heartedly committed to this partnership and does not hesitate to participate in the club’s events.

More than a simple partnership, the group’s desire to support local associations and sports clubs is also a way of sharing the fundamental values of solidarity, ambition and unity.

In this spirit and during a raffle organised by the club, Thierry Barthe (Chairman of the group) had the pleasure of offering a scooter to the mother of one of the club’s younger players.

It was together with Christine Teissier (vice-chairman of the ASB Football club) and Michel Touzelet (responsible for club sponsorship) that Mrs Cadenat, from Cessenon, received a prize following the last match of the CFA season, against Bordeaux.

Oil Services Limited wishes the club all the best for next season and re-affirms its intention to continue this partnership.

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